Does Yerba Mate Cause Constipation? - Here's A List Of Some Possible Side Effects

Does Yerba Mate Cause Constipation

There are potential side effects to drinking Yerba Mate coffee, especially if you drink it for the long-term. After having looked at a list of  possible side effects, I can tell you that constipation isn't one of them. The reason for that is that this tea is said to exacerbate diarrhea symptoms. Additionally, it can cause an upset stomach and nausea. Those symptoms aren't necessarily to be expected, but they are contradictory to constipation.

Understanding Low- and High-Intensity Cardio: What to Do and Avoid

Understanding Low- and High-Intensity Cardio: What to Do and Avoid

Cardio is crucial in the training routine of all those who desire to keep fit. Cardio helps burn fat, gain muscle endurance, and enhance blood circulation in the body, among so many other benefits. Cardio exercise is of two types – low-intensity cardio (long-slow cardio), also known as Low-Intensity Steady State (LISS) cardio, and high-intensity cardio or High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio. Both workouts have a place in your training.

Best Men's Underwear For A Workout

Best Best Men's Underwear For A Workout

Unlike before, men’s underwear has now become fashionable and isn’t just a utility garment any more. Like the women’s lingerie section, the choice for men’s underwear has increased with a range available for different occasions and uses, as well as cool and different designs and prints. With different cuts and styles made for comfort, the wide variety of inner wear for men is now also a fashion statement.

How to lose weight while keeping the healthy look of your skin

Skincare when losing weight


The idea of keeping your skin healthy while losing weight is both useful and fascinating. The main purpose is keeping your body hydrated day in and day out. It’s the most important thing that you should always keep in mind while planning to lose weight. However, there are other essential factors to consider keeping the healthy look of your skin. Let’s realize them together with the help of these easy steps.

Benefits of Riding a Spinning Bike

Benefits of Riding a Spinning Bike

Exercising to stay fit and healthy is something that every one wants to do, but exercising at the gym can be really boring and not too many people stay motivated to continue it. What you do need to do to stay in shape is an exercise that helps you maintain the body you want while doing it in a fun and versatile manner. Riding a spinning bike or joining a spinning class can be a great idea to achieve this.

7 Flat Belly Diet Foods

7 Flat Belly Diet Foods

A flat belly is always the option for many, especially during summer. People tend to wear body tight and short clothing. However, flat bellied individuals do not find it easy surviving the way they are. They always long to enjoy the flow the same way their counterparts with flat bellies do. Luckily, here are a few health diet tips that can help cut off your belly to the design you have never imagined before. This tips makes your summer be awesome as most of the excess fats that accumulate in your body are cut down. They are not tips from the blues.


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