Trade Sugar and Sweeteners for Healthier Options

Trade Sugar and Sweeteners for Healthier Options

It is a real good treat when you can sit down and enjoy that cheesecake, drowned in that strawberry syrup from the Cheesecake factory. On top of that there are many more desserts that are just so enjoyable from Apple pies to triple chocolate fudge brownies but n all of these desserts is the common denominator – sugar and lots of it.

Over the past decade, health professionals have associated consumption of lots of sugar with different diseases and have encouraged many to make a change in diet. At first when health professionals talked about risks of sugar, there was effort into making artificial sweeteners. This led to products like Splenda, Sweet-n-Low, and Equal. So consumers have used this in their tea, coffee, and even used baking blends to make desserts. In fact even soda companies started with their diet and zero versions of their product in response to this.

Then researches later discovered the health risks and diseases associated with even the artificial sugar as well. In fact research has shown that artificial sweeteners have greater risks to health than regular sugar. So then the debate comes to many to use sugar or sweeteners in their diet.

Research shows that the best thing for your diet is to cut sugar completely out of your diet and find no-sugar recipes (with no artificial sweeteners). It is actually recommended for your overall health to replace those high sugar desserts with fruit. At first you might find that fruit isn’t as sweet as that cheesecake you might have enjoyed but if you stick with the change in your diet, you will find that some fruits can actually be quite sweet and quite enjoyable.

When it comes to tea, you can change from adding sweetener to your tea to buying fruit flavored tea bags. With your coffee, you may switch from that sugary creamer to just adding half and half and learning to enjoy the actual taste of coffee.

Making a change to slowly cut out sugar from your diet may seem very difficult because of all of the foods you enjoy but when you think about the health risks, trading sugar and sweetener for healthier options is actually worth it.