Why publish your fitness book?

Say you're a trainer or maybe a big fitness enthusiast. Have you ever thought that you, yourself could become a wide known best seller author? Have you ever thought of contacting a book or cheap printing company? Let me tell you this: blogging is one thing, but having a best seller diet or weight loss book is one huge thing. what do I mean by this yes? You got it right! If you're not out there on the paper you don't exist. All the main fitness authors have been published in one way or another in the form of a written book, or an article in a big newspaper or magazine. It's still the way to go. That doesn't mean it's gonna be the same in 10 years, but for now that's the way forward. Digital Media is still in it's beginnings and it's got a long way to go ahead before it becomes the main platform in this domain. People are looking for weight loss books to help them change their life. 
Publishing yourself and getting your weight loss magazine or your book out there is a very important thing in your career if you're planning to go down this road. But why do i say that? If you look at almost all of the famous journalists, they have been writing on paper and have been published in the form of a book. It's true, it's the digital era but remember that all authors even today have published books in the form of physical books. It's just the way to go currently. But remember: The bar is high. Don't just write 2 words about proteins and think you're gonna sell. It's gotta be good, it's gotta be something you tried and know it worked. And if it turns out to be good, well just google around for bestseller fitness and look at the statistics for yourself. 
Because the cost of magazine printing and book printing are so low, the risk in publishing your work is getting lower and lower. Sometimes it will cost you more to publish something digitally then to publish it on paper depending on the  form and platform that you choose. What to look out for? You might want to look for companies that will print your publication for a low price and also distributors that are going to take your book to the readers without expecting high sales at first. Try to find companies that like to take the chance with new authors. As for printing, don't worry. It won't be expensive, you just worry about your content to be correct and consistent.