Taking The Workout To The Next Level

Working out doesn’t sound like a big deal, until you see that your training routine doesn’t provide you the results that you expecting.So, you are probably thinking what you are doing wrong?!To help you figure out this, I wrote the following guidelines which you should implement in your workout and also in your daily life:


•    Choose a workout that has as foundation the principles of (at least) linear progression, thing which is very important if you are interested to build muscles and strength. Without a training program that doesn’t have at its basis some sort of progression you will achieve your goals will very hard.    •    You should also be careful to train less than 1 hour/1 hour and half. When this threshold of time is exceeded your hormones  are changing the state of your body from anabolic to a catabolic one, thing which can lead to loss of muscle mass.


•    You have to set yourself a good balanced nutrition.    •    You need to eat enough amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fibers.    •    Around 2 grams of protein per pound should be enough if you want to build muscle, but keep in mind that proteins play also other important roles in your organism, thing which makes them essential for the general health of your body.    •    Carbohydrates can be consumed from 1 gram per pound to 5 grams per pound (in some cases even more), depending on your body metabolism. If you ‘re metabolism is very fast you will need more carbohydrates in order for you to build muscle. Be aware of the fact that if you consume too much carbohydrates you will start adding fat instead of muscle to your body.    •    Regarding fats you have to consume around 30 grams of them at the minimum per day, the amount can be increased it depends on your metabolism. Make sure that most of you fats (70%) are coming for healthy sources, like for example avocados, nuts, seeds, olive oil, etc. Fats are very important for hormones in your body, including testosterone, which you probably know that is very important for muscle growth.    •    25 grams of fibers should be enough for one day.    •    Don’t forget to drink plenty of water.


•    Sleep is one of the most neglected aspects in the fitness industry, both by beginners and by some advanced athletes. If you want to maximize your workout keep in mind that you need to get at least of 8 hours of sleep. During your 8 hours of sleep your muscles are growing and recovering from the workout. So if you don’t sleep enough your muscle gains will be very small and you will make yourself prone to all type of injuries.


•    You can use Whey protein, Weight Gainers, BCAA, Glutamine, Kreatin, Vitamins and minerals complex.    •    Before and after the training are 2 of the most crucial moments in the day when you should take supplements. If you are looking to build big muscles you have to consume Whey protein or a Weight Gainer before training (20-30 minutes prior) and a Weight gainer immediately after you finished your workout.If you want to maximize your workout routine you should apply all the above guidelines and you will succeed for sure.