Take our quiz to work out how to structure your exercise for your personality

Add up all the questions you answered with 'yes':

1. Are you patient2. Do you fear public speaking3. Are you in debt (except mortgage)4. Are you laid back and content5. Are you the boss at work6. Are you a leader amongst your friends7. Do you sing at karaoke8. Do you have friends of both genders9. Do you get irritated easily10. Do you play a team sport

Score = 3 or less yes’sYou should build an exercise plan focused on gradual incremental sessions making sure that you cross train and integrate a variety of movements within your training. An example would be to sign up for a triathlon, marathon or endurance race of some description. You should look for something that is unachievable with your current fitness about 3-4 months away. You should design a plan that your friends and colleges can either come and join you on, or at least support you on the day.

Score = 4- 6 yes’sYour exercise plan should be intense and focused on one specific goal in 4-8 weeks’ time. You should expect that it's going to be very challenging with your current fitness to get a time/score that you will be happy with. Your training should be entirely aimed at improving your time/performance of the goal you have set for yourself to achieve.

Score = 7 or more yes’sChoose a goal with your friends or family, maybe your sports team or the club you belong to. Then select something that everyone can do together, perhaps a mud challenge or multi stage event you can do in relay as a group. Better still, if you can raise money for a charity that you all support then this can be a great way to generate camaraderie amongst your peers. Train alone or together and keep it fun and varied whatever you do.

ConclusionsMany clients at have taken this quiz and it seems to have greatly enhanced their results. When exercising, both mental and physical states need to be addressed together to achieve optimum results.

Getting the combination between both mental and physical attributes is vital if you want to accelerate the results of your personal fitness program and find the sweet spot so give the quiz a try and see if you can find the perfect balance between your physical and mental attributes.