Stay fit Stay active Home workout series: chest

Stay fit Stay active Home workout series: chest

It’s that time of our lives that many of us are probably going crazy at home doing nothing because of this coronavirus, covid-19 pandemic situation. Sitting Idle at home can lead to various problems like Laziness, stress, anxiety which can lead to depression.

So to overcome this idleness and keep your body in shape and back in good physique we at weird flex are presenting you the best way to take care of your physical and mental health by providing you the best Home workout series out there this quarantine.

To help people know the benefits of different exercise, we’ll step by step teach you all to perform different exercises that you can do at home, at your garage or anywhere you find it comfortable.

All you would need with you while performing the home workouts are: -

  1. A Workout matt

  2. A resistance band ( checkout at if you want one)

  3. A Water bottle

So the first muscle group that we’ll target today is, Chest muscles.

The best of your chest:

Now many of guys out there have a myth that lifting big heavy weights is essential to make a bigger chest, and lifting weights usually helps but working out on your bodyweight can also help you to increase your mass and muscle size.

We’ll plan our exercise that targets all the muscles of our chest. Let’s not dive deeper into anatomy of chest and rather we’ll stay with Upper, center and lower chest muscles. Each exercise will contain of 3 sets with repetitions as respectively;

(18-15 reps. – 1st Set)

(13-10 reps. – 2nd Set)

(10-8 reps. – 3rd Set)

Let’s start.

  1. Decline pushups:

Pushups is widely considered as best muscle for chest and elevated pushups mainly focuses on the upper chest also known as exercise for upper pectoral muscles. You’ll need a chair or any elevate surface to perform this exercise.


All you need to do is place your legs on the elevated surface or a chair and hands on the ground with shoulder width apart. Take your upper body down slowly and try to reach till the lowest point where your body is about to touch the ground and push back to the starting position to complete one repetition.

  1. Standard pushups:

The standard pushups are a gem of an exercise. Standard pushups cover almost all of your pectorals aka chest muscles and it is a vital exercise for strength training. It is one of the most important exercise in any home workout plan.


Start with the plank position and place your hands with shoulder width apart. Go down stretching your chest and giving stress on your arms, majorly your triceps muscles. Come back to the starting position to contract your chest muscles. This will complete one repetition.

You can also use a resistance band, if you find the standard pushup easy.

  1. Dip pushups:

Typical home chest workout is not complete with this workout, which targets your lower chest aka abdominal head of your pectoral muscles. This variant of pushup can be perfect if you’re looking to hit your lower chest without a bench, as it works as same as decline bench press.


Start with normal pushup stance with both hands little bin inwards then shoulder width. Go down stretching your chest but key in this form is to only push back your upper body and your lower body should remain down. Remember, your back should make an arc when you are up and it will complete your one repetition of a Dip pushup.

  1. Pec fly with resistance band:

Also called as “Pec deck fly”, Pec fly are perfect strength training exercise if you want to grow your chest in terms of its width and size. As many of us face difficulty in finding weights in home workout sessions, this exercise can be perfectly executed with a resistance band.


Stand straight, 3-4 away from a door with your back facing the door. Your head should be up, core tight and chest up. Pull the band together from both hands at the same time and pull it till the point both your hands get joined. Remember to keep your elbows up to hit more on your pecs. Maximum repetitions should be followed to the point when your muscle starts to feel the burn.

So, this 4 chest exercise at home workout series is more than enough to train your entire chest muscles and help you to have a bigger chest and a better physique from the comfort of your home. But, some important tips to keep in your mind while performing these strength training exercises are: 

  • Keep your chest up and core tight to get the maximum hit and burn in your muscles.

  • Keep drinking enough water in between the different exercises as lack of water can take you to the fatigue level and weakness in muscles.

  • Play some good music to enhance your mood while working out.

  • Perform home workouts in your fitness gear and what better place than weird flex to get your awesome fitness gears for men and women. Our fitness gears give you the perfect fit and vibe to get up and move your body to achieve your body goals.

The diet factor:

But, exercise only work 30% of your muscle growth as per various reports and rest 70% depends on what goes inside your body. Yes! we are talking about the nutrition, proteins you put in your muscles to build it and repair it back to grow bigger in size.

So, we would like to share two healthy eating habits to make sure your sweat doesn’t go in vein and your muscle grows in an overall aspect.

  1. Protein, the building block:

Protein should be an essential element of your diet if you want to see faster results in your body goals. Whey protein is a great option as a protein supplement but it should only be taken when you don’t have enough protein sources in everyday meal.

As for when to consume protein, you should consider consuming protein or whey protein twice a day. Once in the morning when your muscles are weak because you haven’t had any meal in a while. And secondly after your workout session when your muscles are teared and protein will give it the repair.

  1. Pre-workout meal:

It is always recommended to take a light energetic meal before probably half an hour before you start you work out. Don’t take much protein before your workout as protein keeps your body full and you don’t want to be feel like puking while working out.

Pre workout meal helps your body to ignite the energy your body we’ll need at the time strength training. Foods like apple, oranges or nuts will help your cause as they are light and a perfect meal before a nasty workout session.

So, that’s a wrap from our first muscle training guide where we covered the chest muscles and also saw some healthy eating tips. This home workout series will bring the best body results this quarantine. As our lives have been on a pause button for a while, it’s perfect time to take utmost care of our body.

You have to get out of your bed and focus to increase your strength and your muscles. Because, success comes to those who grind out of their comfort zone.