Pregnancy And Teeth

A child needs lot of calcium for bones formation. He takes it away it from the mum’s organism. As a result of this the mineral exchange changes. Usually the saliva contains enough calcium and phosphates to strengthen enamel. During the pregnancy their quantity decreases, decreases РН of the saliva and it reminiralizuyuschie properties. The acid-base balance of oral cavities is broken, there is more intensive reproduction of microorganisms. The density of tooth enamel is weakened, teeth becomes fragile. The probability of caries rises.
 According to Missouri dentists, almost all future mums suffer from gingivitis of different degree of expressiveness. It is already evident on the second-third month of pregnancy. Quite often gums bleed at cleaning and chewing of something firm. Exchange processes in periodontal change, the tissues surrounding the tooth lose some part of its protection. Firm adjournment are formed, the gum departs from the tooth. If hygiene suffers, in paradonthical pockets the rests of the food is gathered and appears an inflammation. A chronic infection in the mouth during the pregnancy is a big and absolutely unjustified risk. After all when the food gets to a stomach with a large quantity of microbes and bacteria, it reflects the health of the child inevitably.
The health of the milk teeth also depends on competent behavior, hygiene and stomatologic preventive maintenance of a future mum. It is noticed that if  the oral cavity is sanified, as the dentists name this process and all the teeth are healthy as they should be, and there are no latent inflammations. If it is not so, it is necessary to treat your teeth during the pregnancy.
The motto of a modern dentistry is healthy teeth of the mum and the father by the time of a child’s birth! The kid will have close contact to adults. And from the first days of his life it can lead to receiving microbes from the parents. If the teeth of the mum or the father are unhealthy, it increases the probability of caries of the child’s teeth.
Besides, the pregnant women suffering from paradonthical diseases have the risk of the late toxicosis development. Presumably it is connected with the fact that the bacteria living in an oral cavity, are capable to get into a blood-groove, such connection is confirmed by the research studies. 
Caries treatment during pregnancy does not have any serious danger. Caries treatment is frequent passes even without anesthesia. If anesthesia is required, there is  a huge arsenal of medical unharmful substances available at the disposal of the future mums. The main thing is to warn the doctor about the terms, and he will pick up an optimum (minimum) dosage. 
Removal of the teeth during pregnancy is held in case of a severe need (pain), or as a planned method. It is recommended to do it in the second trimester of the pregnancy.