My Personal Experience With Adrenol8

“Adrenol8 From Champion Nutrition: The perfect pre-workout solution – Power, Focus, Pump, Recovery, Domination! The most powerful Creatine and NO formula in the world!” Or is it?

Aside from the cute marketing phrase above, this is a personal review of the Adrenol8 that I’m writing after using it for a month and a half (with one week break from taking it at all).

If you ever tried JACK3D or the C4, now comes the Adrenol8. A new generation in pre-workout supplement so get yourself ready for a hardcore day in the GYM and for measurable results you’ll feel from the first scoop!

This is not a simple “pure Creatine” formula, but a complex formula that is made to immediately improve your performance and records when it comes to lifting iron from the first workout. YES: THE FIRST WORKOUT.

I have never used pre-workouts in my life before using Adrenol8, and to be honest I think I got sold on it by the clerk in the bodybuilding supplements store (he was such a nice guy and a great salesman too). I was like: “Sure, whatever, let’s give it a shot, I wanted to buy Creatine anyway and I’m always open to try something new as long as it won’t condemn my liver and kidneys to an organ transplant list”.

First time I used it was on my Sunday chest and triceps workout, and I did feel a pump. I mean, it has a LOT of caffeine in it, so you will definitely feel something. I wish I could tell you the exact numbers on my bench-press exercise after taking this supplements, but I think it was a 40%-50% improvement on the weight (With great form).

The dude in the shop told me that I gotta take it at least 2 hours after my last meal and 30 minutes before workout, which sounds stupid to me because that’s 2 and a half hours after eating for the last time, which means I’ll be heading to the GYM on an empty stomach. So I just take it about 30 minutes after my pre-workout meal and then head to the GYM.

I do notice great changes with this product, way better than with regular Creatine. Also, I always say: “If you’re too tired to hit the GYM, you shouldn’t hit the GYM” so for me to rely on a product that will give you strength and focus, it’s just like taking coke or alcohol to feel confident. But that’s just me.

About 3 years ago I remember taking a product called: “Cell Mass” by BSN, and I remember it to be the best Creatine formula I have ever took in my life, it was really amazing what it did to my body and even though I haven’t used it in years, I remember it to be better than the Adrenol8, but I guess you should see what works better for you and your body. Btw, that Cell Mass stuff is one of the most delicious things I have drank in my life and I think that BSN should sell it as a soda drink or something ;)

Anyway, all in all Adrenol8 is a good product that will give you that extra pump in the GYM and might as well boost your motivation to visit there more often. That said, you shouldn’t rely on it as if it was a magic pill because it is what it is: only a supplement.

Till next time!