My Opinion on Weight Gaining Powders

Have you ever spent way too much money on weight gaining powders? I know I had. They cost WAY more than protein powders, taste worse in 99% cases, hard to swallow, give you a bad feeling in your stomach, and most of them contain bad carbs (from sugar), and contain a VERY small amount of servings.

So, what should we pay, or should I say, over-pay for something that is disgusting and overpriced, while we can save a ton of cash and still get the same results?

Behold! My secret recipe for weight gaining shake!

All you need is:

1 serving (or more, depends on your needs) of a high quality protein powder – I recommend Optimum

100gm of Oatmeal

20gm of Walnuts


Blend everything, and you get:

A shake with over 800 Calories, about 80gm of carbs (the good ones too, with fibers and all that), at least 35gm of protein and about 15gm of quality fat with Omega 3.

If you’ll take the time to calculate the prices of all the ingredients above and compare it to the price of one weight gainer serving, you’ll see that In most cases the shake I described above will be at least twice as cheap.

So, from now on you can stop wasting money on this over commercialized and overpriced supplement and can start enjoying something that is cheap, healthy, and delicious.

By the way, you can also mix everything in this shake: Creatine, Glutamine, other types of nuts, just go wild! Talk to you soon!