Maximizing Results When Taking Protein Powder

Whether you are new at building your body or an expert, a good protein powder is essential as it is the most vital thing you must have every day to gain muscles.

While you can easily ingest protein from the food you eat, protein powder ensures that you are getting enough of it everyday. Protein supplements are also easier and quicker to absorb, accelerating you workout progress.

If you want to increase the amount of help you get by taking these supplements, then there are 2 things that you need to consider about protein supplements.

1. Types

There are many types of different protein powders available in the market and each will help you differently to progress. The most commonly used is the whey protein that is a byproduct of cheese making and the whey isolate is higher in fat, lactose and carbohydrates. Another type of protein is Casein that is a slower digesting protein and both whey and casein are derived from milk.

Protein derived from whole egg is called albumen and this is good for people who are lactose intolerant or avoid gluten. Another lactose and gluten free protein is pea protein.

Most of these protein supplements can be quite costly but don’t buy one because it is cheap, pick one that will suit you best. You can also find many affordable supplements discounts & vouchers online to reduce prices of the products.

2. Timing

Protein timing is the time that you have the protein so that it helps maximize results. If you are building muscle, the best time to have protein is when you get up in the morning, before and after your workout and right before you go to sleep. Sticking to this mean plan can increase muscle growth instead of having the protein shake randomly through the day.

3. Amount

Taking more protein powder than necessary can result in the excess calories from the protein to be stored as fat in your body and is in no way beneficial. The recommended amount a normal adult to consume is 0.08 – 1 gram of protein per kilogram.