Food & Supplements for Gaining Lean Mass

Food & Supplements for Gaining Lean Mass

Cutting through the clutter of the web to find honest, useful and long-term supplement reviews is actually pretty difficult. Search for any of your favorite pre-workouts or protein powders and you’ll be inundated with dozens of pages all saying the same thing: “This is great, buy this now”.

This sort of advice is hardly useful. When you search for a review of a brand or product you want a real review. When someone only writes positive things about everything you’re not getting a real review; you’re getting a sales pitch.

Skinny Yoked has set out to break this trend by offering only real, long-term reviews of supplements that the editor tests himself personally for at least a period of 1 month and sometimes up to 3 months, before writing the review.

What does this mean for the reader? A few things, chief amongst them are a sense of integrity. Working out and building muscle is no feat to be taken lightly; it requires endless hours of ridiculously hard work. For that reason bodybuilders deserve honest reviews of the products they depend on to assist them when pursuing their bodybuilding goals.

While Skinny Yoked may lack some of the glam and beautiful shots of the products that other so called “review sites” offer, it makes up for in quality writing. You’re going to get pictures taken with iPhones, not product catalogue images from sites like or the manufacturers site; no, you’ll get real pictures taken during the testing period.

The ultimate goal is to provide a genuine resource for lifters of all levels looking to get a little more information about a particular product or brand before they go ahead and spend their hard earned money on sites like or

Skinny Yoked’s mission is to uphold integrity in a world where there is little, to provide direct personable insight where things are copied/pasted all too often, and to research and share information on quality products and brands that really have the ability to make a difference.

Essentially, Skinny Yoked’s mission is to become like “that guy” at the gym that’s been lifting longer than you and tried far more supplements and workout variations than you, and which everyone in the gym goes to when they’re curious about adding something new to their workout routine or diet.