Effective Pre Diabetes Treatment

According to recently conducted studies, about 25% of people that are pre diabetic are not even aware of it. What does this mean? Whether you are overweight or thin, if diabetes runs in your family, you may take the opportunity of at least delaying the condition, or fully prevent it if possible. It is very important to work even harder in order to regain your overall weight. There are effective pre diabetes treatment options that you can avail of.

Early on, there are some early signs of diabetes that you might notice even before actual diagnosis. Among the earliest signs that you may notice includes tiredness. This is often felt after eating a heavy meal filled with either carbohydrates or sugary food. This is one way of your body telling you that you may not handle them very well. Reality dictates that if you keep on eating these kinds of food, your very own intolerance may only make things worse.

As part of your pre diabetes treatment, you can start with reducing your weight. You really do not have to lose a lot; about 5 to 10% can do the trick for you. Make sure that you follow a diet that is low in saturated fats. This can help you in regulating blood sugar levels. Attempt to increase of low GI carbohydrates along with your diet. According to studies, people who consume low GI foods are not prone to developing diabetes. Most of these foods have a lot of fiber which helps in reducing blood sugar.

You may also attempt to increase intake of Omega 3 in your pre diabetes treatment routine because this can significantly improve sensitivity of insulin, increasing risk of diabetes. This can be done by making sure that you have seafood and fish included in your diet at least two times in a week.