The convenience of owning your own spin bike & the fitness benefits of spinning

Whether you are a mother looking to lose that extra weight, a grandmother wanting to stay in shape and be healthy or a teenager who wants to tone up and blow off some steam, spinning classes are the newest trend in the work out world.

A spinning class takes place on a stationary bike with expert instructors who help with interval routines focus on toning up the body and burning calories. With music playing on in the background and a group of people in the class to motivate you, spinning is definitely a great way to burn the stubborn fat!

While spinning classes can be taken at the many gyms that offer it, you can also buy your own bike and exercise at home. It will cut down of travelling time and can be done at your own convenience instead of the instructors. Even though the bike costs a lot, it will come up to the same amount as the membership fees of the gym.

Spinning classes aim at burning 500-800 calories in a 45 minutes to an hour class and is a very intense work out routine. The process is that the routine works your muscles to the extreme, breaking them down and eventually building them back up much stronger. This also leads to an increased metabolism rate. There are many benefits of a spinning class over the regular gym workout.

Spinning is a great cardio workout and thus helps in your leading a healthy life. It uses the energy from your body’s reserve and helps in endurance building. By increasing your heart rate and lung capacity, it promotes controlled breathing and reduces anxiety.

It also helps in toning your body, especially legs and abs. while you are peddling, you will not only be able to lose overall body weight but also notice that your calves, thighs and hamstrings are getting toned. By being seated in a certain correct position you will also be able to build an upper body rhythm that will work out your central and side abdominal muscles.

Thus, spinning classes can be a lot of fun and keep you motivated towards losing weight!You can learn More At