Common Causes of Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a symptom that many people began to suffer once they reach a certain age.  You may begin to notice that even after a good night’s sleep your lower back feels tense and tight when you get up in the morning.  It’s also common after a rigorous day’s activities or something unusual like moving heavy boxes that your lower back will begin to give you trouble in the days that follow.

As people at age their bone strength begins to decrease and tendons are not as elastic as they once were. Discs in the back are unable to cushion the vertebrae as they once were able to do.

While aging is a common cause of low back pain being overweight is one of the greatest causes.  Many people are unable to follow a healthy lifestyle or have poor physical health which keeps them from being active.  Sometimes wait gained during pregnancy is difficult to lose.  If you believe that the cause of your low back pain has to do with being overweight you can consider adding a natural supplement that will help control your appetite and increase your energy to your diet.  Many times adding a supplement can be just the jumpstart a body needs to make long lasting changes.  Health as a Lifestyle is a website that offers many articles on changing your body and your lifestyle. Check out some of their articles at

If you maintain poor posture or work in a job that requires constant repetitive actions such as on a factory line or even as a computer processor you may begin to notice symptoms of lower back pain.

Of course physical issues can also be the cause of your symptoms; there are many degenerative conditions that can cause pain in the back such as arthritis, joint inflammation, osteoporosis, and even some infections and genetics.

Interestingly if you have bad posture and are prone to slouch you may notice that your back pain will flare up when you have been doing this.  Also being in poor physical shape, specifically having weak abdominal muscles can result in an unnatural curvature of the spine causing pain, stiffness, and numbness.

If you participate in an activity that you do not normally do such as a football game on Thanksgiving or helping a friend move a lot of heavy furniture many times activities you’re not used to will cause increased pressure on your lumbar spine particularly if you don’t use proper techniques when you are doing the activities.  An example of this would be not lifting heavy boxes properly as you help your friend move.  If you try to lift something without proper technique it is very easy for the muscles in your lower back to become pulled.  Unfortunately if you have ever had an accident in which your low back muscles were injured you should also know that scar tissues created as you recover are not nearly as sturdy or flexible as the normal tissues in the body.  Build up from repeated injuries can cause chronic low back pain.

Once you begin to realize what has caused your low back pain you will then be one step closer to understanding how you can eliminate it.