Building Muscle with Weight Gainers and Protein Powders

Building Muscle with Weight Gainers and Protein Powders
Do you know how many nutrients your body requires to operate at maximum efficiency? A lot of people don’t, so it wouldn’t come as surprise. The truth, it takes a lot of different nutrients and they all have different impacts on the body. Building muscle and losing fat is a tough job. Finding the right sources of the right nutrients is required if you really want to get into the shape of your life. Of course, diet and exercise are an obvious component, but won’t be enough alone, at least not enough to get into shape within a year’s time. Using weight gainers or protein powders is the perfect way to add those additional nutrients to each and every meal or snack. You can enjoy these during breakfast, lunch, dinner, while you work out, or whenever you want. They contain acids and chemicals that the body requires to repair muscle damage and build new muscle as your grow. You should already have a high-protein diet, but adding weight gainers or protein powders can only help.

What are weight gainers?

As the name implies, weight gainers help you put on more weight, but in the form of muscle mass, not fat. Weight gainers contain high protein levels and high calories. This helps build muscle and boost the necessary daily functions of your body. Your regular meals provide you with plenty of energy to get through the day, but weight gainers encourage quick growth through excess. You don’t take weight gainers alone. What you do is combine them with an existing exercise regime or diet. They aren’t a stand-alone solution to bodybuilding, but they are a needed boost if you want to get into the best shape of your life.

Do weight gainers work?

Absolutely. You should always be careful what supplements you take, but weight gainers are typically healthy and help the body perform its necessary jobs. If you are lactose intolerant, you should look for top protein powders and weight gainers that are lactose free.  Find a weight gainer that is meant to develop lean and powerful muscles. Don’t be confused by weight gainers on the market that actually encourage the growth of belly fat, which is the exact opposite of what you want. Most of the newest powders and shakes have a lot of time and research spent during the development and the result is a finely tuned supplement that works exceptionally well.

What makes the best weight gainer or protein powder?

There are a lot of things that separate one supplement from the next. For example, there are low-carb protein powders that only contain 2 carbohydrates. If you are running a low-carb diet, then these can really help you build muscle without ruining your diet. Some protein powders are also lactose free for people who have problems with dairy products. Some protein powders are actually designed to emulate milk from a mother. That brings me to the next point, the importance of amino acids and other forms of proteins. There are various forms of proteins and some proteins break down quicker than others. Look for a weight gainer with different proteins that breakdown at different speeds. This keeps more protein and nitrogen in the bloodstream for longer periods.