3 Ways to loose weight

Have you ever heard of 3 different ways to loose weight? You probably have. But you might not have heard of all of these!
How can I loose weight you might think
Well actually it is quite simple. You have to burn more calories than you eat. Lets take an example: Katie has an intake on a normal day of 2000 calories (which is not unrealistic) then she has to burn 2000 calories to keep her weight and more than 2000 calories to theoretically loose weight that day. The goal is to burn more calories than you eat every single day throughout a diet or weight loosing phase. 
Exercise is a great way to burn more calories. Burning more calories will give you a higher span between your intake and your daily burn so that you can either eat more or loose more weight. I do however not recommend being more than 500-600 calories short on your daily calories because then you really start to burn your own muscle tissue
To clarify how much exercise is needed to burn calories I will take running as the example in this case. If a woman who weighs 135 pounds run for one hour with an average pace of 6,5 to 7 miles pr. hour then she would burn 715 calories in 60 minutes. A man with who weighs 170 pounds on the other hand would burn of a total of 880 calories from the same 60 minutes.
That was two ways to loose more weight not let’s move to the last way. Have you ever heard of hypnosis for weight loss? It is supposedly the next big thing. Many people in Denmark have had tremendous results like this guy from Denmark (his site is in Danish only) who lost his first 14kg (31 pounds) in just 3 months. He continued and eventually lost a total of 21kg (46.5 pounds) before reaching his current weight. He has started a website to reach other out to others trying to make them try out hypnosis. The hypnosis program has a 100% satisfactory guarantee so you can potentially get all your money back. 
Hopefully you got some insights into how you can loose weight now. I will be happy to answer questions in the comment section just below. Go at it!