10 Great Games that Encourage Kids to Move More

The world is filled with technology to make your life easier. However, all that ease creates havoc with your body as well as your family's bodies. It is more important now than ever before for you and your family to get up from the couch or from behind the computer and exercise. Exercise doesn't have to mean going to gym, running laps, or lifting weights. There are a ton of great games you and your children can take part in and get the necessary exercise to stay happy and healthy.

Dance PartyStuck inside on a rainy day? Turn on the music and everybody dance! Dancing is great aerobic exercise. Everyone can take turns picking the music. 

Animal CharadesEveryone has played charades at some point. Write the names of animals on pieces of paper. Divide into teams. As each person draws and acts their animal, you and the family get quality time and exercise all at the same time.

Balloon PopGather the family outdoors and tie a balloon to each person's leg with a strand of ribbon about three feet long. Once everybody is ready the race is on! The object here is to pop the other person's balloon. This game involves lots of running, jumping, and completely crazy fun!

TwisterThis is a classic. You can buy the game at any toy store. Set it up and twist your way to health! Children and adults alike will enjoy playing this one.

Wiggle OutGet the family together and wiggle your way to healthier you. Each person gets a turn deciding which body part to wiggle. You can decide beforehand how long the wiggling lasts. The wiggling and giggling will keep everyone entertained and exercising.

Obstacle CourseCreate your own obstacle course indoors by running yarn throughout the room. The idea is each person must go through the course without touching the yarn. You could also set it up in the backyard. Whichever way you choose to go, the children will have a fun time and so will you.

Paper Dodge BallFinally, an indoor friendly dodge ball game. Ball up paper, divide into teams, and have fun. Use the regular rules for dodge ball only without the next bruises.

Hula Hoop ItExplore your inner child and buy your family hula hoops. Spend an evening watching television and hula hoop your way through the commercials! 

Simon SaysThe entire family will have fun with this. Jump, hop, skip, run in place, the possibilities are as endless as the fun.

Musical ChairsGather everyone together and place chairs in a circle. Have one person control the music. When the music stops, the person in charge of the music hollers out a body part. Everyone must touch that body part to a chair. Pick up the pace by hopping around the chairs or let the music master decide.

Whatever game you play, whether indoors or out, the important part is that everyone in the family is moving and exercising.